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How to earn my first $10000 through be a reliable beach towel wholesale supplier

Here you will find nature inspired paintings and their prints as traditional wall art, stationery, and beach lifestyle products from ArtsnLifestyle

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Why custom beach towel?

To promote product and image better, many businessmen prefer to customize beach towels to their customers from a beach towel manufacturer. Integrating their products’ image into people’s daily lives is a good marketing tool.

For example, we can often see our favourite cartoon elements appearing on various daily necessities. Also, lots of art designs will be printed on beach towels and sold as peripheral products in more daily scenes.

Imagine that there is only one piece of a painting which is widely accepted by the world, yet, you can not let everyone have it. Now, if you could print it on a beach towel, then everyone who likes this work will bug it. Selling art works in another form not only realizes the commercial value of the work, but also allows those who love it getain it in another way. Thus, Galink’s customized service meets this demand.

Case of Nicole Metzger—becoming a businesswoman by reaching a reliable supplier

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There is such a case about how an ordinary person made 10,000 dollars by finding reliable beach towel wholesalers. One day, a mother from Island, Nicole Metzger, reached a beach towel supplier Galink, which is famous for trustworthy beach towel manufacturer, asking if Galink could print her child’s drawing work on the beach towel. It was Galink’s business scope.

After a deep communication with Galink, she learned that her child had created a very interesting art work. So she wanted to print her child’s drawing on one of Hawaii’s most popular daily necessities—beach towels. Lisa’s daughter’s painting depicts Hawaiian beaches under the Covid-19 pandemic. The family and dog Tesco are playing on the beach. Mom and Dad wear masks and lie on the beach chairs to soak up the sun. Her daughter wear a mask and squat aside, playing in the sand. It is worth noting that Tesco also squatted aside wearing a mask.

After a week of production and a week of transportation, 50 beach towels arrived in Lisa’s hands in 10 days. At first, she only wanted to give to relatives and friends as a commemorative gift. But many strangers, after seeing such unique designed and high-quality beach towels, asking Lisa how to buy her beach towels. Thus, she went back to Galink—the trustworthy beach towel manufacturer, and ordered another 1,000 beach towels with the same pattern. Through the last cooperation, she knew Galink can guarantee the quality and deliver the goods to her on time.

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As soon as her products were sold on the beach, they became the most popular beach towels. People praised her child for being creative and enjoying the hard-won given by nature during the pandemic. Three weeks later, Lisa’s second batch of beach towels sold out, and she made $10,000. This time, she ordered more products from her trusted supplier and added more drawings of her children as design patterns.

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In this way, by chance, Lisa changed from a housewife to a beach towel businessman and Galink customer. She fully recognizes Galink’s customized service, efficient wholesale production, free mailing. And most importantly, its affordable price.