A beach towels manufacturer, Your first choice partner

In a transaction, having a partner who is always there for response will make you feel very secure. For example, the beach towel manufacturer like Galink, can still guarantee to respond your inquiries and solve your doubts at any time.

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Where can I buy beach towels from a manufacturer near me

How long do you think the order can complete from finding a beach towel supplier to delivery of the goods? three months? a month?
20 days. Our aims to enable global customers to have a convenience experience of shopping, and provides a competitive price at the same time.

As you send the design of the beach towel with your company logo, We has already made preparations in advance for every step that follows. Including material selection, proofing, and mailing, every step follows in an orderly manner. Whether you are in the US or the UK, it is sure that we can match the corresponding speed of other beach towel manufacturers in USA or amazon.com client from the UK .

Wholesale & Customized bulk towel order

Besides to the advantage of fast responding, bulk discount is another brand advantage created by us. We will try to save as much profit as possible for their customers, while providing high-quality customized services. It is worth mentioning that as long as you buy more than 20 pieces, you can get the bulk discount price. And if you buy more than 500 pieces, the whole price could reduce 5% in total, which once again increases your profit margin. Such a competitive cost price is the initial establishment of a personal brand and for your best choice.

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Order steps

The following 3 steps is a simple guidance for many customers who experience customized beach towel services for the first time:

  • Step 1: Contact our marketing specialist on the official website. If you already have patterns that you need to design, you can send them directly. If you need to design, you can express your ideas through further communication. We will provide you with perfect free customization services. They have the most professional designers, which will definitely allow your ideas turns into specific products.
  • Step 2: Hand it over to Us, and a professional team will do professional things. They will provide you with a full range of customized services, from design, to packaging, to home delivery, all with complete peace of mind. No matter what material you want to customize: sand free beach towel, quick dry beach towel, round beach towel, or hooded beach towel, We has very much experience in it.
  • Step 3: Shipping. We are also completely responsible for this process. As long as you give your address, the goods will show up at your door in about 10 days, which is far more faster than other beach towel manufacturers. Don’t underestimate this beach towel supplier far away in China, which cooperates with the world’s most advanced logistics companies to ensure that the goods are delivered on time and well-preserved. Countless of customers have proved this. So you can also trust Galink when it comes to logistics.

There is no more straightforward shopping experience than this beach towels manufacturer. The wholesale custom service is far simpler than you think since you are working with Galink.