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Custom print each towel print pattern are derived from sea and aloha elements.We obey the call of the sea mother.  Which give us too much inspiration to achieve to perfect towel. Where there is beach towel. Where there is beach. The sea breeze is always with us.

RPET materials replaced: We protect the earth so as to protect ourseleves, this is sustainable developent way to go we follow.

Towel feature: water-absorption enable us to dry our body off once you get out from water like mermaid. And dry fast towel is a must-have to reduce hassles, easy come; easy go.

Towel hand-feel: Super soft with touch feel, not as stiff  as common sand free towel.  This is undoubtedly a very customer experience.You deserve it and feel it.

Towel package: As a whole, It combines practicality with sytlish.  it’s more practical, we attach the  hookloop for easy folding and carrying.  And Z shape design  joining mesh fabric looks unique and fashion. Backside is classic stripes series.

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