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Indeed, this is high FAQs from our potential buyer about custom printed beach towel, With 15 years’ textile experience, as a direct towel factory

How to Start-up the Business?

We have accessed to many different buyers, they are retailers, wholesaler, importer, online dealer etc, obviously, at the start-up stage, We understand it is very necessory but critical to pick the real factory that are willing and able to deal with customized custom printed beach towel with small q’ty. Actually, they are few towel supplier have the advantage to process with such a customzied order, even beach towel designs.

How to Choice direct factory

For big-scale factory, they always would prefer for big order like bid order; government order with container orders. for small custom towel factory, they are eager for any order but quality is not guarantee. This is keypoint to balance. But do not rule out the trade company or any trader will accept such a type order, but there is no doubts that they don’t have any price advantage for such a customized order. So that is common question to some buyers with real demand but weak purchase at the start-up.

Customized Products pratical suggestions:

So hereby I have a very honest and pratical suggestions, that you are seeking for medium direct factory ( not trader or dealer to get involved) which are speicalize in the customized towels that offer full range of customized service at the affordable price , fast delivery and professional desgin service and our returns refunds Policy So kindly refer to this company located in Suzhou city; China. where is the main towel production Custom Beach Towels Manufacturer, Which are direct vender of customized branded towels like Tasalate waflfle beach towels and dock&bay sand free beach towel.

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  1. Luciano Spinelli October 12, 2019 at 1:53 pm - Reply

    Yeah, as what you say. I feel very lucky to E-meet you among customized beach towels factory, And thanks for your objective suggestion and affective support. By far, My business growthy rapidly. Thank you!

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