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Microfiber Personalized golf towels are made of smaller fibers than ordinary towels,it has two main advantages. First of all, they are more absorbent than traditional towels and can hold more water / moisture. Secondly, micro fibers can enter small gaps to remove sand and dirt particles, which are used to keep the grooves of your golf club clean.

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Microfiber Scrubber Golf Towel

1.Function of Golf Towel

Golf towels are a type of sports towel that have many practical functions on the green. Cleaning Many experienced golfers use golf towels to clean the dirty clubs. Because it is hard to play well with a club full of dirt. Wet towels can help you clean your clubs and keep them in their best condition during the game. Drying Golf towels can be used to absorb moisture and dry the golf balls, clubs and sweaty hands. Drying clubs can help reduce drying with golf towels and improve your grip on the club. Carrying Many golfers are used to hanging towels on the loops near the top of the golf bag. If you want to carry multiple golf towels, such as wet towels and dry towels, you can use a separate towel rack clamped on your golf bag. Our towels take advantage of modern designs using microfiber fabric with unique weave patterns.

2.Why Choose Personalized Golf Towels?

Why Every Golfer Needs Golf Towels?

Golf towels also named Player towels, we offer available and personalised golf towels which have custom embroidery and screen sprinting to fit your games.

3.Brand / Logo Promotion

We are a beach towel manufacturer that specializing in textiles Our golf towels are perfect for custom embroidery or screen printing which have high quality and low price. We have a wide range of products and services that we can produce many different kinds of textiles products. Our production speed is very fast that our factory can complete orders within the specific date. Our delivery speed is also very fast, we have cooperation with many express companies. We offer small batch customization, allowing you to create new and exciting designs as required. Also guarantee quick delivery, helping you reduce the pressure of storing large inventory.

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