Custom Bags Solutions

Explore our range of custom bags where expert craftsmanship meets cutting-edge digital printing. Design your unique style with precision and quality. Discover why our in-house manufacturing, customization flexibility, and seamless process set us apart.

Customization Process

At Galink, we understand that creating a custom bag is a personal and unique experience. Our seamless customization process allows you to bring your vision to life in a few simple steps:

Step1: Choose Your Base Style

Select from our diverse range of bag styles, including custom tote bags with logo, personalized backpacks, tailor-made messenger bags, and bespoke duffle bags. Each style is crafted with durability and functionality in mind, ensuring your custom bag meets your specific needs.

Explore Our Range of Custom Bags

Tote Bags:Make a statement with custom tote bags with logo, perfect for promotional events, trade shows, and everyday use.

Backpacks:Carry your brand wherever you go with personalized backpacks, ideal for schools, businesses, and travel.

Messenger Bags:Stay organized on the go with tailor-made messenger bags, designed to meet the needs of commuters and professionals.

Duffle Bags:Gear up for success with personalized duffle bags, perfect for sports teams, gyms, and weekend getaways.

Travel Bags:Travel in style with bespoke travel bags, available in a variety of sizes and designs to suit your vacation needs.

Classic Tote Bags

Versatile Backpack

Stylish Crossbody Bag

Convenient Grocery Bag

Step2: Select Materials and Colors

Once you’ve chosen your base style, delve into the world of materials and colors. From vibrant hues to classic neutrals, select the perfect color to complement your style. Our premium materials ensure durability and longevity, while a spectrum of colors allows you to express your individuality.

Step3:Personalize Design Elements

Unleash your creativity by customizing your bag design. Choose from a variety of customization options, such as adding your logo, artwork, or text. You can also select your preferred colors, materials, and even design your own messenger bag or customize a Gym Bags. Our design tools make it easy to bring your vision to life.

Logos and Branding

Add your logo for a personalized touch, ideal for businesses or personal branding.

Patterns and Artwork

Express your creativity with custom patterns, artwork, or even a favorite quote.


Make it uniquely yours with monogramming options, adding a touch of sophistication.

Step4:Digital Printing Precision

Our commitment to digital printing precision sets us apart. The use of cutting-edge technology ensures that your chosen design is faithfully reproduced on your custom bag, capturing every detail with clarity and vibrancy.

Step5:Place Your Order

Once you’ve perfected your design, it’s time to bring it to life. Place your order seamlessly through our user-friendly platform. Our streamlined ordering process ensures that your custom bag moves swiftly from design to production, keeping you informed at every step.

Additional Services and Options

Bulk Discounts

Enjoy substantial discounts when ordering in bulk

Express Shipping

Fast shipping and help you find efficient freight forwarding services.

Custom Packaging

Eco-friendly OPP bags or portable paper bags.

Témoignages de clients

The quality of my personalized tote bag is outstanding!  
Emma Thompson, Stylish and Durable
Customized a sleek crossbody bag for work. Perfect for professionals!
Alex Johnson, Perfect for Business
Ordered in bulk for my business. The bulk discounts saved us a lot. Great service!
Mark Roberts, Bulk Order Savings
The digital printing precision is outstanding. Vibrant colors, true to my design!
Sarah Turner, Vibrant Customization
Express shipping got my custom bags to me just in time for the event. Impressive service!
Emily Wong, Fast Delivery

Advantages of Choosing Our Factory

Expert Craftsmanship

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In-House Manufacturing

Our unique approach includes internal trimming ensures durability and a superior finish.

Premium Materials

Choose from curated polyester or canvas materials for longevity and style.

Efficient Turnaround Times

Streamlined processes and digital printing ensure prompt delivery.

Customization Flexibility

Unleash creativity with sublimation and digital printing options to seamlessly blend designs into fabrics.

Dedicated Support

Whether you have questions about fabric or need guidance on designs, our teams are here to provide assistance.

Foire aux questions (FAQ)

  • 1. How does the customization process work?

    Our customization process is simple and user-friendly. Start by choosing your base style, selecting materials and colors, personalizing design elements, exploring advanced printing options like sublimation and digital printing, and finally contact us to place an order. Our intuitive platform guides you through each step, making the journey from design to delivery seamless.

  • 2. What printing techniques are available for customization?

    We offer a diverse range of printing techniques, including sublimation printing for a seamless, all-over design and digital printing for intricate details. Each technique provides distinct advantages, ensuring your custom bag is tailored to your design preferences.

  • 3. Can I request samples before placing a bulk order?

    Yes, we understand the importance of ensuring your design meets your expectations. You can request samples to preview the materials, colors, and printing quality before placing a bulk order. This way, you have the confidence that your custom bag will be exactly as envisioned.

  • 4. Tell me more about the internal binding technique in manufacturing.

    Our in-house manufacturing process includes internal binding, a unique technique that enhances both the durability and aesthetics of your custom bag. This method ensures a superior finish, adding an extra layer of quality to the overall product.

  • 5. How can I track the progress of my order?

    Once your order is placed, you can easily track its progress through our user-friendly interface. We provide regular updates, from the confirmation of your design to the production stages, ensuring you stay informed at every step.

  • 6. Are there restrictions on design elements or color choices?

    Our customization platform is designed to offer maximum flexibility. There are minimal restrictions on design elements and color choices. Whether you have a detailed pattern, vibrant color scheme, or specific branding elements, our platform accommodates a wide range of creative expressions.

  • 7. Can I customize multiple styles in a single order?

    Yes, our platform allows you to mix and match multiple styles within a single order. We also provide customized tote bags, gym bags, plastic bags, drawstring bags, promotional bags, paper bags and other styles to choose from. This feature is perfect for creating a cohesive brand collection or personalized gifts for different occasions.

  • 8. What materials are available, and how do they impact the final product?

    We offer a curated selection of premium materials, including canvas, nylon, and eco-friendly alternatives. Each material contributes to the durability, style, and overall quality of your custom bag. Explore the material options to find the perfect fit for your design.

  • 9. Do you offer eco-friendly or sustainable customization options?

    Yes, we are committed to sustainable practices. Explore our eco-friendly material options and printing processes, allowing you to make environmentally conscious choices without compromising on the quality of your custom bag.

  • 10. What support is available if I have questions during the customization process?

    Our dedicated support teams are available to assist you throughout the customization process. Whether you have questions about design choices, printing options, or order status, our teams are here to provide comprehensive and prompt assistance.

  • 11. Can I make changes to my design after placing an order?

    Unfortunately, once an order is confirmed, changes to the design cannot be made. We recommend reviewing your design thoroughly before finalizing the order to ensure complete satisfaction.

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