What is the best beach towel?

The beach towel has become a must have item for tourists, especially those who want to enjoy the perfect suntan.These are mainly used for entertainment and other occasions while traveling,and they are also important for beach vacationers.You can spread out a beach towel, put your favorite foods and fruits on it, play your favorite music and enjoy a leisurely beach time.Choosing materials is a key step in customizing beach towels.

This article will through the contrast of the bath towel and beach towel material, to analyze what material is best for beach towels, and analyze how to use these materials for customizable beach towel to build their own brands.
best beach towel

Best Microfiber & Cotton beach towel Fabric

Most bath towels are made of pure cotton.Because it absorbs moisture quickly and is soft to touch, it is the perfect material for custom bath towels, and moisture absorption is an important quality for towels.And pure cotton bath towel is more friendly to the skin.If you have sensitive skin, the fabric of your towel is important.You probably don’t want microfiber towels that dry quickly because they’re not that soft and comfortable to the touch.Instead, you’ll want a 100% cotton towel that won’t cause any discomfort to your sensitive skin.However, the drawback of pure cotton is that it can get a lot of sand on it.For example, when you lie on a beach towel before and after a swim, the sand can easily stick to the absorbent cotton towel, which can make your beach bag or car messy.Also, cotton towels are bulky and take up more space, which may not be a good choice for those who want to take a light beach vacation.

Best Beach towel for Sand

Microfiber Beach Towel -They are made entirely of synthetic fibers, which are often used by sand-free Best beach towels sea manufacturers because, first of all, Microfiber is characterized by rapid drying.So when you’ve had a day at the beach, you can throw your beach towel in the car and not worry about getting wet or getting your car dirty.And microfibers are soft and easy to wear on skin, though not as comfortable as the 100 percent cotton option on our list.If travel size and a quick dry on a wet beach are your top priorities, then this is the best option.Second, Microfiber is also sand-resistant. You can easily pat the sand or hay off most Microfiber beach towels because no sand beach towel like this one doesn’t have a looping.In addition, the Microfiber beach towel is small and easy to fold, making it easy to carry.In conclusion, materials like Microfiber are more suitable for beach towels such as beaburn.com


How to use material above to build your own beach towels brand

If you want to create your own beach towel brand through customizable beach towel, first choose the right material, such as microfiber mentioned above.Then choose a professional customized beach towel manufacturer to produce your design. In this process, you also need to consider the amount of customizable beach towels, the Logo of your product, the production cycle of the factory, the cost and even the shipping fee, and MOQ,strong expertise, short production cycle and, most importantly, free shipping, which means we can deliver products to you for free wherever you are.If you’re thinking of making a custom beach towel, give it a try and see our Order steps guidelines

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