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Towel is a necessity of people no matter in daily life or doing business or travelling around the beaches or pools, but now compared with ordinary beach towels, hooded beach towels are becoming more and more popular and practical.

Baby Swaddle
Protection of Privacy
Wind Proof and Cold Proof

At the same time, there are actually quite a few other uses and benefits that ordinary beach towels do not have, you might feel really surprised by some of them. Want to get more about wonderful uses of your hooded beach towels?

Baby Swaddle

You can wrap your little guy tightly with a hooded towel after bathing or before going to bed, giving him/her a sense of absolute security. Breathable and skin friendly soft fabric can help babies stop crying and calm down quickly, while continuously giving them appropriate temperature. It is really necessary for those who have little babies at home to prepare more hooded towels as a daily necessity.

Protection of Privacy

If you are at outside and find that there is no changing room around the beaches or pools, or when the changing room is very crowded and inconvenient, then you can just use a hooded towel to add your privacy. In this way, you can change clothes without waiting in line for the changing room, you can directly using hooded towels as a cover. Then you are able to change clothes quickly and efficiently under the premise of protecting privacy.

Wind Proof and Cold Proof

The hooded towel can not only be a towel which can dry the water after swimming, but also can be a great cold proof product for outdoor playing. When sitting by the pool and beach to have a little rest or chat, hooded towels can protect people from the cold wind. In particular, the hooded design can keep warm and effectively prevent the cold wind.

Hooded Towels


Hooded towels are great gifts! If you want to buy some practical, unique and commemorative gifts, you can try to choose a customized hooded towel and wrap it in an exquisite gift box. Then it is really perfect.

At the same time, you can also choose to match it with other products, including dry hair caps, personalized bath towels, hand towels and many other daily necessities, which also can be customized.


Sunscreen is an essential protective measure in hot summer. We have to avoid being burned by the hot sun when playing outside. Hooded towels have great advantages over ordinary beach towels because they cover a wider area. Wearing its hood can effectively protect your face and neck from the scorching sun.

Especially for children, their skin is more fragile than that of adults. Hooded towels can easily cover more sensitive skin, so that children can enjoy all happy day at the seaside.

Hurry up and get them for your kids! Here at Galink – a wonderful beach towel manufacturer, you will find more about high quality and low price hooded towels for adults.

I hope you can find more additional uses of hooded towels, so that we can use them to create more lasting memory and warmth, and get the most effective use at the same time. Towel is an indispensable part of our daily life, finding a suitable hooded towel you like can help improve the quality of life. Enjoy your every day!

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