How to Custom Beach Towel?

It’s so cool to possess a custom beach towel with your favorite pattern.However,this is definitely not an unattainable dream!

Galink Textile is the best choice which offers custom beach towels in bulk for worldwide customers at a very low cost. A beach towel printed with your logo is more conducive to promoting your brand and helping you build a good brand image faster. At the same time, it is also a great gift for family and friends for birthdays, weddings, and holidays. Galink Textile supports any pattern you see elsewhere, download or design by yourself and add your logo or label.

Custom Beach Towels Choices

There are many different ways to customize your own beach towels.
The minimum quantity of customized beach towels ranges from 20-50 pieces. The more the quantity, the lower the cost of each towel, so the price is more favorable.
Then, choose the color of the towel. We support one, two and full color options, so you can personalize your wholesale beach towel order in many ways. We can even add custom artwork to your bulk beach towels, which is especially useful for companies that want to spread their brand and logo. You can easily upload images during the customization process. If you need help creating images to be imprinted, we will provide free design services. You can view our image file recommendations here.
Before you place an order, we will repeatedly confirm to ensure that the beach towel fully meets your requirements. The big imprint ensures that your brand and image are prominently displayed on your beach towel. In other words, the personalization possibilities of our customized towels are almost limitless.

Walking billboard-“Custom beach Towel”

A beautifully designed, eye-catching, and vibrant customized beach towel is a free walking billboard. On the beach or in the overcrowded resort swimming area, with it you are showing your brand in a simple way. It feels really great!

At the same time, it can also be used as a promotional item to become an important way for hotels or clubs to promote the brand to guests and members. Galink Textile customizes high-quality beach towels for customers at very affordable prices. We have a variety of styles to choose from, here you will surely find quality products that suit your needs and budget.

Custom beach towel Details and Purpose

As a very useful promotional item, beach towels are indispensable in daily life. Whenever we go to the beach or swimming pool, we always carry a beach towel with us. You can show personalized products that represent your image or brand to everyone passing by.

Galink Textile’s customized beach towels are of high quality, generally composed of 100% cotton, double-sided fleece, waffle, polyester-cotton fabrics, sand-proof, quick-drying, warm and soft. We have many different types of towels, from stripes to classics, here you can always find the towel that suits you.

An exclusive personalized gift

When your new or existing customers receive such a delicate-designed and unique personalized gift, they will feel that they have received special treatment, appreciate your generosity, and are therefore impressed by your brand. A perfect promotion can also make yourself stand out from the fierce competition. This stimulates customers’ desire to buy, increases product sales, and your customers will help you promote your business. Or you can plan an event to invite friends and family members of new and old customers to use and enjoy the personalized beach towels for many years, leaving customers with unforgettable memories.

Galink Textile has always been committed to providing customers with the best customized beach towels. We hope to continue to help individuals and companies build a good and lasting brand image. If you want to provide your valued customers or people around you with creative, innovative, durable, and tailor-made gifts according to your specific requirements, then Galin Textile is your best choice.

How to Contact to Us to custom beach towel

For more information about custom beach towels, you can contact us via email, whatsapp, Alibaba, and we will do our best to meet all your custom printed beach towel needs.

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