Our target customers we served have been divided into the following categories

Artist and Photographer with sensitive business thinking.

Being a artist , not every artist can make a career of it and live by that. it’s wisdom and quite necessory to start your own art customization business. We are specilized in the puting your art into print, onto products then provide a unique customization service. Which are widely applicatioin on the beach towels; Canvas bags; fleece blankets and pillow etc. any custom textile products that can find very good market and each buyer afford to buy it. Which definitely enable you build brand and promote art so as to make more money from it.

E-commerce Startups with small budget and big vision.

During the COVID-19 pandemic; More and more people have to find way out, such as teleworking and develop e-commerce business instead. We give 100% fully support by means of reducing MOQ; diversification of product customization; brand-building; fast delivery time and perfect logistics system. So over 50% orders are pouring in via Amazon; Esty; Shopity store etc. We have helped these E-commerce startups to make business growthy and find new selling point with huge profit.

Business owners and public insitutions.

Shopkeepers; beach resorts (hotels); beach bars;surfclubs (surf entrepreneurs);cheerleading Gym; school and hospital and supermarket etc.
(1) For shopkeeper, we have helped them enrich collections to increase selling volume.
(2) For beach resort and beach bar, we have helped them attract more visiters and clients as giveaways or resale.
(3) For surfclub and surf entrepreneurs, we reach out the global community of entrepreneurs with surf related brands and help them grow independente surf brand.
(4) For Cheerleading, We have been involved in our way to make cheerleading be more fun and power. We carry out full range of customization service with adding name, numbers; slogan or logo.
(5) For enterprise and public insitutions like companies; schools, hospitals, we always meet their pratical customizion need.

Importer and professional buyers.

Unlike customized order, Importer and professonal buyers have strong purchase capacity with bulk order, As factory we are, excape from dealer or the 3rd party intervener. The very compeitive price always make profit Max. We have strong produce capacity to shorte delivery time to come into market earlier.

Retailers and Wholesalers

One primary target customer group for a home textile manufacturer includes retailers and wholesalers. These businesses purchase home textile products in bulk to stock their stores or supply their distribution networks. Retailers may range from small independent boutiques to large department stores, while wholesalers cater to other businesses that require home textile products for their operations.